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Looking for the advantages of Manitou handling equipment and solutions – on a lower budget? Explore our constantly renewed range of used Manitou machines.

Our dedicated used equipment platform is your quick and convenient marketplace for quality handling equipment: overhauled, repaired or reconditioned by our network of specialists.

Why choose second-hand?

Your projected frequency and intensity of use may not justify the investment of buying new. Or perhaps you need a backup or additional machine. 

In either case, a second-hand machine may be the ideal solution.

By buying second-hand, you can be sure that your equipment will be available immediately and delivered faster. And you can be confident that you will be able to carry out your handling operations – transport, loading/unloading, storage or stacking – under the same conditions as with new equipment.

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« I hesitated to invest in a new machine but I found an overhauled used one that meets my needs perfectly. »
Heating engineer in Auvergne, France



Regardless of its origin, the equipment you acquire is overhauled, repaired or reconditioned to remain reliable and efficient. It will depreciate less quickly than new equipment, and benefits from a specific second-hand guarantee.

By purchasing a used Manitou machine, you contribute to the circular economy and reduce your environmental footprint. You give your machine a second life, while benefiting from the know-how and expertise of a network of professionals.


A dedicated USED Manitou marketplace:

To facilitate your purchases of used machines, Manitou offers Used, a marketplace dedicated to second-hand equipment. Throughout the year, you can access attractive offers on a complete range of aerial work platforms, telescopic handlers, masted forklifts, and much more. Use our search engine to select the type of machine, brand and geographical area. You can also refine the results displayed to filter by the number of hours and the year of commissioning.


Find your ideal used material handling solution now – and don’t hesitate to call your dealer with any additional questions.

Whatever your needs and budget, we have the right solution for you.

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