Our material handling solutions for Oil & Gas: Site Security

Ensuring your safety is our daily priority. This is why our machines precisely meet the most demanding standards and are today the safest handling and lifting solutions on the market. Thanks to the reliability of Manitou equipment, you can operate on your oil/gas sites in the best safety conditions.

Your safety first

The oil and gas sectors are subject to particularly demanding work constraints. Professionals, who work in sometimes dangerous situations, need equipment capable of securing the environment, people and the operations themselves.

Manitou is the preferred partner of the main players in the oil and gas industry. This complete knowledge of the sector has enabled us to develop solutions particularly adapted to your safety needs.

Manitou machines and equipment help you to set up a real safety policy within your production sites. This equipment guarantees the maximum safety of personnel and helps you to comply with directives and regulations, even in the most demanding environments.

Forklifts, aerial work platforms, heavy-duty telescopic handlers and attachments is just some of our equipment capable of offering the best working conditions to operators:

  • Off-road stability and ROPS and FOPS cabin
  • State of Charge Controller (CEC) and Limited Load Moment Indicator (LLMI), to control stability and reduce the risk of tipping over.
  • Reverse alarm or lynx call
  • Start up beeper
  • Battery switch and emergency stop
  • E-Reco Accessory Recognition
  • Tilt corrector
  • Restrictive work area
  • Machine self-diagnosis
  • Spacious and ergonomic cabin
  • Optimum lighting for day and night work
  • 360 degree panoramic visibility
  • Ease of maintenance
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Customize your machines for even more safety

The safety systems of our material handling/elevating solutions allow you to comfortably carry out all your applications: inspection/maintenance of sites, loading/unloading, organization of stock rotation, storage, tube handling, container unloading and cleaning of infrastructures. They offer greater working comfort to operators, minimize serious accidents, and improve your safety on a daily basis.

Several other safety options are available with our telescopic telehandlers and aerial work platforms. Opt for the equipment that meets your specific requirements:

  • Oil kit including :
    • External emergency stop
    • Spark arrester and damper valve
    • 3-point belt
    • Weighing system
  • Braking :
    • Negative brakes: automatic braking in case of damage
    • Daily brake test procedure
    • Auxiliary braking and emergency steering
  • Control system
    • Guardian angel system (monitoring of the vital organs of the machine)
    • Checking tire pressure
  • Protection
    • Electrical protection
    • Fire-fighting system
    • Thermal insulation of mufflers and silencers
    • Nut loss indicator

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