Our range of Jibs

Suspended loads require suitable accessories, complying 100% with the regulations. Our jibs offer you uncompromising safety, combined with a design that ensures real performance on a daily basis. Whether you are a builder, carpenter or farmer, we have a solution for your suspended loads!

Did you know that?

It is essential that the hook of a jib is mounted on a swivel which ensures its rotation even at maximum load, and not only when empty. Without this, there is a real risk of destabilization of the carrier. All our jib are equipped with hooks that meet this requirement, because your safety is no joke!
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Suspended loads are found in almost all material handling applications. The use of adapted and validated accessories, specifically designed for this use, allows a real gain in safety.
Too many users are still content to use their machine's forks or carriage to lift suspended loads. This puts their own safety and that of the people working around them at risk. It is high time to stop this!
Choosing a Manitou jib crane means choosing both safety and performance!