Our Performance Innovations

Discover Manitou's innovations to improve the performance of your MLT agricultural telehandlers. Thanks to these innovative systems, your material handling machines make you more productive and efficient. Take advantage of their benefits to optimize your agricultural work and increase your profitability.

The Manitou innovations team has continually worked in designing to boost the performance of agricultural telehandlers. Recently developed, they help to improve the functionality of your handling equipment. These innovative systems ensure better execution of your daily tasks and facilitate your operations. Compatible with the majority of MLT models, these features are available as standard or optional.

Manitou has used all its know-how to develop innovations capable of boosting the performance of its MLT agricultural telehandlers. These state-of-the-art systems provide farmers with concrete solutions to their various business problems.

Our innovations to improve the performance of your MLT machines:

  • High View Camera: The first active vision system installed on the boom head for perfect visibility during trailer loading and high level handling operations.
  • Intelligent Hydraulics: Handling assistance systems that reduce repetitive motion fatigue and increase productivity.
  • Regenerative Hydraulics: increase the speed of your hydraulic movements (gravity-controlled boom lowering), reduce your fuel consumption and limit the noise pollution caused by the engine.
  • The JSM Joystick: patented joystick mounted on a floating armrest that allows all the telescope movements to be carried out with one hand, and to control the forward and backward movement of the carriage.


Take advantage of the new performance of your telehandler to increase productivity on your farm!