Our range of Hydraulic variowinches

Launched in 2019, the patented VARIOWINCH variable speed hydraulic winch is a breakthrough innovation in the world of rotating telescopic handler attachments: it offers high speed for light loads, high capacity for heavy loads, and automatically adapts the hook speed to the load.

Our variable speed hydraulic winches

Productivity: this is the key word on today's construction sites. Building faster and better, ensuring perfect maintenance in the shortest possible time.  The daily challenge for construction and industrial maintenance professionals. It is through contact with customers, in the field, that Manitou drew the idea at the heart of the VARIOWINCH winch: to be able to lift very quickly and place very precisely the "small" suspended loads, but without giving up the power of a high-capacity winch. The Manitou accessory specialists developed a variable displacement hydraulic motor and its control valve into a 7.2t hydraulic winch. The result?

Saving time, all the time

A lifting cycle on a construction site is usually one load pick-up on the ground, followed by a quick lift, a precise approach, then a return to the ground empty. In other words, if the hook speed is significantly increased, both when empty and loaded, the time saved in each cycle will be significant, provided that the load can be placed precisely. And this is what the VARIOWINCH offers: a hook speed of up to 60 m/min empty, which automatically adapts to the load and the operator's instructions, to save time at each lifting cycle: the load is lifted faster, the hook returns faster to the loading point. And with its 7.2T capacity, no need to change accessories to lift a heavy load!

More precision

The design of the VARIOWINCH winch allows greater precision of movement: the control system reacts quickly, and the minimum speed allowed by the hydraulic motor is very low. Placing a load with precision becomes child's play! Safety I write your name. The design of the VARIOWINCH winch complies with all regulations on suspended loads. And for more safety, each machine/accessory is validated by Manitou.

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