Our handling solutions for Livestock farming

Several Manitou handling solutions meet the needs of livestock producers. Our different equipment ranges are precisely adapted for livestock applications and facilitate the daily management by offering high-performance machines.

Handling equipment adapted to the requirements of breeders

Thanks to many years of experience in handling, Manitou offers handling equipment that perfectly meets the requirements of livestock professionals. Taking into account the difficulties of the livestock farming profession, our teams have built the latest generation machines capable of supporting professionals every day in their various storage, feeding, cleaning and curing tasks.

Our offer comes in a wide range of agricultural telescopic handlers (MLT) and articulated loaders (MLA, MLA-T) as well as farm implements. Some models of truck-mounted forklifts (including TMT) are also appropriate for the handling activities you need to perform to manage your poultry farm.

Manitou MLT telescopic handlers and MLA, MLA-T agricultural loaders have all the features required to facilitate your operations. Whether you want to feed your animals (silage distribution, feeding, pouring into a mixer, silage cutting), take care of your livestock, clean your buildings (cleaning of stables or barn), move your animals (poultry crates), or stack hay bales, these machines allow you to carry out your operations with comfort, efficiency and safety.

High performance agricultural telescopic handlers and loaders allow you to manage your livestock in optimal conditions. By using a Manitou machine, you improve the productivity of your farm and reduce your investment costs thanks to its multi-functional features.

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« I invested in an MLT 840-145 ps+ 6 months ago. Today, I have enough hindsight to say that the lifting capacity and breakout force are higher than those of my tractor. Mine has 6,000 hours, but when it comes to handling bales for example, the work is really easy and above all I save time. »
Xavier N.

Tailor-made agricultural handling machines

Manitou farm loaders and telescopic handlers can be completed with a large number of compatible attachments: bucket, grapple, manure fork, big bag sweeper...Quickly installed, these attachments make your machines versatile solutions, saving you from having to invest in several pieces of equipment to manage tasks related to the operation of your livestock farm.

Each Manitou machine can also be customized with the options of your choice. This gives you a totally adapted solution capable of meeting your handling needs no matter the size of your farm.

The advantages of our handling solutions for livestock farming:

  • Rough-terrain machines capable of evolving rapidly whatever the soil conditions
  • Perfect visibility from the cab (360 degree visibility)
  • Optimal lighting day and night
  • Ideal operator comfort (easy access to the cab, intuitive and modular dashboard, JSM joystick, etc.).
  • Perfect maneuverability: 4 steering modes...
  • Optimal safety
  • Solutions to improve your productivity while ensuring excellent profitability
  • Equipment adapted to dusty environments

Our product range offer several models of farm loaders and telehandlers designed for farm handling. Contact the Manitou teams to choose the equipment best suited to your activity.

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