Manitou Careers

Do you want to work in a work environment that promotes team spirit? Are you looking for a work environment that allows for personal initiative as well as unity between employees? If you want to participate in the design, production or distribution of value-enhancing products, discover the career opportunities offered by the Manitou group, world leader in rough-terrain handling.

What will you find in this group?

Manitou is a brand of the Manitou group, an international company, which combines caring, passion and the search for performance. With our material handling, people lifting and earth moving solutions deployed with our customers on five continents, we design machines and services that enable our users to work with greater safety, productivity, efficiency, pleasure and profitability. With less effort, less energy, less environmental impact and fewer constraints.

The Manitou group combines the international dynamism of a major global player with the deeply human character of a family business that strives to combine professional and personal balance for all our employees. 

83% of us* say we feel good in our work environment.

*satisfaction survey conducted in 2018

Manitou brand values

Team spirit and unity

Within the Manitou Group, we place a high value on unity. We encourage daily exchanges between employees and contribute to creating a strong team spirit. The company's success depends first and foremost on the well-being of our employees and their sense of belonging to a close-knit group, capable of supporting each employee and enabling them to develop without denying their personal aspirations.

Strong values shared by all employees

Working for the Manitou brand allows you to evolve within a company with a strong identity, which shares with its employees a large number of values: innovation, performance, but also responsibility, and the desire to always offer the best solutions to customers. Our values are also reflected in the desire to diversify our teams. For Manitou, equality between men and women is a priority, as is the multicultural character of our company.

Passionate and dynamic teams

At Manitou, we favour people who are truly passionate about their profession, who are eager to learn new things, but also to share their knowledge. Each employee brings his or her dynamism and know-how to the company which, in return, allows them to continue to evolve. Being passionate about one's job goes hand in hand with a taste for a job well done and the desire to bring the best to customers.

A taste for challenge

All Manitou group employees have a taste for challenge. Every day, our teams try to innovate, perfect their services, offer new things and increase their skills. The field of material handling lends itself ideally to this desire to surpass itself: machines and equipment must be able to meet the current needs of the markets, as well as the challenges of today's world.

Why join our teams?

As the inventor of the first all-terrain forklift truck, Manitou today enjoys an international reputation in the field of material handling. To maintain this leadership position, our company has never stopped innovating. Our global offer is ensured by the expertise of a large number of professionals: engineers, technicians, dealers, project managers...

Everyone can be an actor of change, everyone is likely to have good ideas. Come and invent the products and services that will make tomorrow's material handling, come and join us to participate in the digital transformation of the sector! Based on trust, our management favours innovation, experimentation, challenge and responsibility.

The proof? 78% of employees* say they are "committed" and motivated.

*satisfaction survey conducted in 2018

Today, thanks to the company's strong values and opportunities for development, the employees of the Manitou group are fully satisfied with their job. By joining our team, you will benefit from several advantages:

  • Evolving in a company with an international reputation but which has kept a family and human working environment.
  • To be able to contribute to the development or distribution of a production recognized worldwide for its quality.
  • Take advantage of a value-building environment capable of helping you to grow and develop your career.


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