Our handling solutions for Water Treatment

Are you looking for handling solutions adapted to water treatment? Manitou equipment meets all your requirements with precision. Whether you need to build or maintain your infrastructure, our Manitou product ranges will support you in all your operations. Discover the performances of our machines and their advantages to maximize your productivity and gain in profitability!

Handling equipment adapted to the requirements of wastewater treatment plants

As water treatment specialists, you have to perform handling operations, working at all heights, warehousing and storage activities every day. Manitou's product lines are perfectly adapted to all your specific needs, whether you are building a water treatment plant or maintaining your equipment and filtration systems.

Manitou machines allow you to carry out your various operations in ideal conditions of safety and comfort. Machines offering different lifting heights and capacities will help you to transport your loads whatever the constraints of space (height, limited working area) and temperature are at your worksite.

With Manitou, you can take advantage of several ranges of high-performance machines: forklift trucks, rotary or construction telescopic handlers, wheel loaders, aerial work platforms... Choose a model that meets your expectations. Thanks to the versatility of our equipment, you can perform all your tasks with a single machine and quickly change accessories to get a solution for every problem!

Manitou also offers you a wide range of warehouse tools such as stackers, pallet trucks and forklifts. Optimize the storage of your materials and facilitate their transport thanks to these high-performance fast and secure solutions. Ergonomic and efficient, Manitou machines save you time and improve your productivity. Take advantage of them to carry out your handling operations in the best conditions and optimize your productivity.

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The benefits of Manitou's wastewater treatment solutions

Manitou has a great reputation among businesses and communities specializing in water treatment. Our teams are aware of the business issues and have designed solutions that facilitate the work of professionals on a daily basis. Our machines are now a must for the most demanding water treatment plants and specialists.

With Manitou machines, you get several advantages:

  • Ease and comfort of driving
  • 360-degree outdoor visibility
  • Ergonomic design and equipment
  • Multifunctional use
  • High precision and speed of movement
  • Off-road maneouverability (depending on the range)
  • Interchangeable steering modes (2/4 wheel drive, crab)
  • Robustness and resistance
  • Easy maintenance

Manitou's extensive dealer network allows you to get an answer to all your problems in the shortest possible time: maintenance, repair, replacement of original parts, after-sales service, warranty extension, financing solutions... Call our team for more information on the most suitable handling equipment for water treatment!

Do you have a particular need? Our "special solution" team will study it carefully.

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