Our material handling solutions for Demolition and construction debris

Manitou has developed several handling solutions for demolition activities in the construction / renovation industry. High-performance and easy to handle, our machines allow you to carry out all your operations in optimal safety conditions.

The numerous accessories, clamps, hooks, buckets and winches, give you versatility and make you more productive by changing tools without changing machines on the same site.

Ranges adapted to the constraints of the deconstruction industry

When renovating a building or detached house, you are regularly required to demolish elements or dismantle a structure. Requiring great precision and perfect dexterity, these operations must be carried out with professional equipment capable of protecting the rest of the construction and ensuring your safety.

To assist all of these challenges, Manitou offers you high-performance models of fixed telescopic and rotating telescopic handlers. The MT range is particularly adapted to your problems, allowing you to easily sort demolition debris and waste while preserving the environment. MRT rotary telehandlers are also indispensable on your selective demolition sites. With their roofing platform, they guarantee perfect efficiency when dismantling an existing structure or carrying out removal operations during the decontamination of a site.

Whatever your needs, our handling equipment helps you to handle and move loads (heavy or non-disassemblable elements) on all types of ground, including uneven ground. Finally, their steering modes (2 or 4 wheel drive, crab steering) are ideal for extracting massive structures.

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Versatile and flexible material handling solutions

With Manitou's interchangeable accessories, you can change attachments and functions without having to invest in another machine. You gain more productivity and can reduce your investment costs.

Construction buckets, 4 in 1 buckets, winches, platforms, forks, jibs, clamps, grapples, sweepers...Manitou accessories help you carry out your various demolition operations in complete safety, whether you are working outdoors, at heights or in confined spaces:

  • Lifting/placing; materials, trusses, posts, steel beams, sandwich panels...
  • Move loads
  • Raising people in a platform
  • Loading/move rubble and materials (wood, metals, waste, debris, siding, plastic, facade, wall, concrete framework, metal structure, brick, tile, earth...)
  • Locate and separate materials
  • Sorting, recycling, processing and revalorization of materials
  • Demolition, partially/totally.
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The advantages of our handling equipment for demolition

  • Powerful and robust machines capable of working in all conditions (outdoors, work at height, underground, restricted space, contact with hazardous products)
  • Versatile material handling solutions with respect to health and safety on site
  • Equipment at the cutting edge of technology and innovation in the field of construction/demolition
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