Our range of Aerial jib 2

Discover the Aerial Jib 2 lifting solution compatible with MRT rotary telescopic handlers. Approved to carry 2 operators, this aerial work platform optimizes your interventions at height whatever your business constraints.

An elevation solution adapted to your objectives

Professionals in construction or industrial maintenance, you are frequently required to operate at heights. These operations must be carried out with equipment capable of ensuring your safety. The Aerial Jib 2 accessory is the solution you need.

The Aerial Jib 2 consists of a high-capacity basket, an articulated arm and a telescopic boom. With a 340 degree rotation of the arm, it allows you to work in both positive (+ 9.3 m) and negative (- 6.4 m) directions. These features make it a versatile piece of equipment suitable for all your height handling applications, including inspection and maintenance operations under bridges.

This accessory is compatible with several models of rotary telescopic forklifts: MRT Easy, MRT Privilege +, MRT 2470, MRT 3050, MRT 3255. Check the compatibility of your material handling equipment before purchasing a lifting solution.

Manitou solutions are recognized worldwide for their performance. They guarantee maximum safety to your operators whatever your business issues. Their particularly compact design is also ideal for operating in confined spaces.

The technical specifications of the Aerial Jib 2 accessory :

  • Platform capacity (including users): 200 kg
  • Working width (m): 1.1
  • Rotation : 340 °
  • Number of legally approved users: 2
  • Weight : 1100 kg

Our top-of-the-line accessory is used by the most demanding construction professionals. Take advantage of its benefits to improve your productivity!

discover aerial jib 2

The advantages of the Aerial Jib 2 accessory for professionals

Using an Aerial Jib 2 elevation solution has a number of advantages:

  • Maximum safety for operators
  • Positive and negative working area
  • High precision of movement and approach of the platform
  • Perfect resistance to shocks
  • Multifunctional use
  • Compatibility with several rotary telescopic handlers
  • Ease of use
  • Easy maintenance

Thanks to the attachment system on your telescopic rotating handler, you can install / uninstall the Aerial Jib 2 with ease. Change accessories in a few minutes, and save time on your operations!

Manitou offers you several other high-performance elevation solutions: Aerial Jib with positive working area, aluminium platform, 3D system pendulum platform, platform with removable roof, deep extendable platform, raised platform, platform with winch... Discover online the ranges capable of meeting your objectives.

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