Market Construction

Manitou has been designing material handling equipment for construction professionals for over 50 years.
As market leaders, we meet the specific needs of each field of application: masonry, roofing, structure, demolition, siding, renovation, tunneling, etc. with exacting standards.

Adapting to changes in the industry, Manitou machines improve your productivity, labor and time spent on your structural and finishing work sites.


Our material handling solutions for construction professionals

Inventor of the all-terrain forklift truck, Manitou has established itself as the reference in material handling equipment for the construction industry. This unique expertise allows us to offer machines at the cutting edge of technology and innovation. Our product offer consists of versatile machines and attachments for specific use in the field of handling, loading and lifting people: telescopic handlers (fixed / rotating), compact skid and track loaders, aerial work platforms, attachments (forks, winches, jib hooks...).


Masons, roofers, specialists in metal structures and carpentry, professionals in siding, insulation, demolition, tunneling, experts in renovation and restoration of monuments... Today, all construction specialists rely on the performance of our handling equipment to operate efficiently on their sites.

Manitou's solutions support entrepreneurs and craftsmen in all their tasks: intervention on difficult terrain, preparation of the construction (stripping, evacuating rubble, supplying materials, making the base, preparing the ground), laying load-bearing elements, covering the construction, laying the framework, siding the whole without scaffolding (laying siding plates, erecting steel tanks, creating a light zone...), fitting out the exterior, improving the existing...

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