Our range of SE Aerial Work Platforms

Work easily at heights in tight spaces with the SE electric scissor lift. With its narrow frame and foldable extendable structure, this Manitou-designed model can easily fit through a standard sized door and work in tight work areas. Take advantage of the performance of the SE scissor lift to optimize your maintenance and handling operations.


A scissor lift ideal for working at heights

manitou machines aerial work platform scissors 120 SE

The electric scissor lift SE is equipped with double scissors with reinforced arms to enable the machine to be transported in tight spaces. Thanks to the 90-degree wheel turn, the turning radius also allows excellent maneuverability in the most confined areas.

The SE range offers a lifting height of up to 11.75 metres. This feature makes it one of the most suitable aerial work platforms for maintenance/handling work in the upper parts of warehouses, storage areas and industrial sites.

The SE model has been designed to accommodate two operators and offer a large working area. To increase this space, a floor extension of 91 centimetres can be easily installed by operating a simple foot pedal.

The design of the SE scissor lift is ideal for indoor operation, thanks in part to its non-marking rubber grooved tires. In terms of safety, the range has all the technical features to protect the operators and allow them to work in optimal conditions: robust micro-welded frame, automatic roll-over protection system as soon as the platform is lifted, 4 braked wheels, anti-slip floor covering, etc.

Discover the Manitou scissor lift 120 SE

The advantages of the SE electric aerial work platform for professionals

The 120 SE scissor lift meets the needs of the most demanding maintenance / handling professionals. Today it is a reference in several fields of activity: building and public works, industrial cleaning, inventory, but also event operations...

This high-performance model offers you several advantages, whether you are renting or using it:

  • Easy to use - control block can be arranged around the entire perimeter of the basket's top rail for the convenience of the operators. Possibility to drive the basket outside the basket.
  • Precision of movement
  • Large lifting height
  • Easier movement in tight spaces
  • Optimum operator safety - excellent stability, self-triggering stabilizer bar, shear safety system
  • Easy maintenance thanks to simple access to the components, as well as to the integrated display and diagnostics that allow you to quickly detect any problem.

Would you like more information on the SE scissor lift designed by Manitou? Our teams are at your disposal at any time thanks to a network of dealers in France and abroad. To optimize the use of your handling machines, Manitou offers you a range of support services that meet your specific needs and business constraints.

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