Our Financing Services

Wish to buy or rent Manitou equipment? Manitou Group Finance offers financing solutions adapted to your specific needs.  Flexible and easy to manage whatever your field of activity (construction, industry, agriculture, environment...). Thanks to a single point of contact, your dealer, you will receive personalized support throughout the duration of your purchase/leasing project. Save time in the process: benefit directly from the exclusive financing solutions offered by Manitou Group Finance at your dealership.

Financing solutions adapted to your objectives

Manitou has an organization specially dedicated to financing solutions: Manitou Group Finance. To benefit from all its services, simply contact your Manitou dealer. This expert is in charge of assisting you on a daily basis in your project of purchase / lease of new or used machines.

Thanks to this single point of contact, you don't have to deal with banks or insurance companies on your own. Your dealer manages all stages of the financing process, making sure to offer you the solutions best suited to your situation, your business constraints and your budget.

Manitou financing solutions have the advantage of being simple and flexible. Are you interested in buying or leasing a machine? Are you still hesitating about the most judicious method of acquisition in your situation? Your dealer advises you and puts in place a financing offer that includes machinery, accessories and services (warranty extension).

With Manitou Group Finance :

  • You simplify your project of purchase / rental of new or used handling equipment
  • You benefit from a complete and highly flexible range of financing solutions
  • You quickly get a suitable financing solution
  • You can work with the best of technology, thanks to the regular renewal of your equipment, for a budget without surprises.
  • Your dealer is available to meet with you and give you the benefit of his expertise on topics related to financing.
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All our financing offers for the purchase / lease of your equipment

Manitou Group Finance offers you different financing solutions, flexible, easy to manage, meeting your needs and business specificities. In order to offer you the best solution the following questions are also to be taken into account:

  • Would you like to own your machine at the end of the financing period?

    Credit solutions are in this case the solutions that we can offer you and here are some of the strong points:
    • You are a homeowner / can become a homeowner at the end of the financing period
    • Control of the buyback book value at the end of financing
    • Possibility of making a contribution to reduce future monthly payments
  • Would you like to simplify the management of your machine park and only pay for the use of it?

    In this case, a rental solution that may or may not include maintenance is the appropriate solution:
    • Rental income does not appear on the balance sheet and does not impact your debt capacity.
    • Monthly rental payments are operating expenses that can be deducted from the tax result.
    • You only pay for the period of use and don't have to worry about reselling at the end of the rental period.

Manitou Group Finance's credit solutions are adapted to professionals willing to own a machine and its accessories. Manitou Group Finance rental solutions allow you to reduce the amount of your installments: only the duration of use of your machines and the level of service required are taken into account when determining the amount of the rent.

Contact your Manitou dealer for financing solutions adapted to all your objectives, personalized advice, and discover our maintenance contracts!

Ask your dealer for advice