Our range of Aluminum platforms

Manitou offers you a 100% aluminium basket basket. Compatible with several rotary telescopic handlers This model offers a large working width approved for 3 operators. Carry out your operations at heights in optimum safety conditions thanks to the Alureach aerial work platform!

Secure your operations with our 100% aluminium platform.

Do you regularly have to carry out operations at heights in hard-to-reach places? Do you own an MRT rotary telescopic handler? Our Alureach basket is made for you! With its design in aluminium material and its large working area, this aerial work platform helps you to carry out all your applications: maintenance of industrial equipment, construction, installation of advertising panels, pruning, renovation of facades, roofing and carpentry.

The basket is made of 100% aluminium. This feature makes it a particularly robust and resistant lifting solution. Several other equipment present on the basket facilitates your work at height: lever to raise the floor and simplify closing and opening; 3 accesses to the platform with lift-up bar; rotation of the 100% steel deck; +1 meter offset compared to the steel version.

The aluminium basket basket is compatible with several models of rotary telescopic handlers: MRT 2470, MRT 3050 MRT Privilege + and MRT 3255. Check the compatibility of your machine before investing in one of our accessories.

The technical data of the Alureach aerial work platform:

  • Load capacity (including operators): 365 kg
  • Working width: 2.34/4.2 m
  • Orientation: +/-90°.
  • Number of legally authorized operators: 3
  • Weight: 500 kg

Our basket basket meets the EN 280 safety standard and guarantees your operators maximum safety throughout their work.

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What are the advantages of the aluminium platform for professionals?

Manitou's aluminum aerial work platform is used by the most demanding construction and industrial maintenance professionals. It offers a large number of daily advantages:

  • Optimal safety for operators
  • High resistance and robustness
  • High lift and offset height
  • Precise movement
  • Positive and negative working area
  • Approved platform for 3 persons
  • Compatibility with several rotating telescopic models
  • Ease of installation
  • Easy maintenance

Manitou is a leader in handling solutions and offers several other top-of-the-range aerial work platforms: conventional aerial work platforms, extendible aerial work platforms, roofer's aerial work platforms, hanger-type aerial work platforms and aerial work platforms with winches, Aerial Jib 1, Aerial Jib 2... Complete your equipment with accessories known for their high reliability.

Manitou dealers can help you at any time with your aluminum basket basket purchase project. Call on our expertise and get personalized support that will meet your objectives. Manitou's lifting solutions are favored by the main players in the construction industry and agriculture.

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