Our ranges of Mining accessories

The field of mining and oil extraction is demanding. Because of its technical nature and its potential dangers, mining work requires quality equipment. In addition, to avoid hindering productivity, this equipment must be perfectly adapted to your industrial needs.

Our mining accessories

For oil and gas activities we offer a range of clamps suitable for transporting pipelines and cylinders. Because in your mining activities you sometimes have to change the tires of your dumpers and loaders, you will also find specially designed clamps (for underground machines, whose tires are not easily accessible, as well as for machines operating in the open air).

These clamps are designed to provide maximum safety during transport. Equipped with a non-slip coating on the active surfaces, our accessories allow an excellent holding of the part in position even when transporting on slopes or uneven ground. In addition, their design has been refined to offer dexterity close to that of a human hand or wrist. Finally, our accessories are sized to be as versatile as possible.

Manitou also offers solutions for the elevation of people in underground and open pit mines. For example, we have designed a safe galvanized steel platform that can accommodate up to three people, dedicated to underground activities. Equipped with anti-shock systems, this platform allows you to carry out all types of work at height in complete safety.

When you choose Manitou, you choose high-performance products adapted to your industrial constraints.