Manitou Concrete Mixing Bucket

Manitou Concrete Mixing Bucket


  • Capacity 500 L and 750 L.
  • Bolt-on mixing blades in abrasion-resistant steel.
  • Equiped with a electric cable reel: can work even with the machine without an electric plug on the boom head.
  • 1.5 m flexible tube (standard) for better unloading control.
  • Lateral distribution controlled hydraulically, that ensures maximum users safety.
  • Durable bucket designed for an intensive use.
  • Bag openers on the cover.
  • A mixture ready to use in 3 minutes.
  • Adapted to dry mixtures.
  • Replaceable mixing blades for low running costs.
  • Double concrete flow: can mix during long minutes without requiring any change of the mixing direction
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BMC 500
Heaped Capacity

BMC 500

Heaped Capacity 132 US gal

Weight and dimensions

BMC 500
Overall height
Overall weight

BMC 500

Overall height 44 in
Width 69 in
Length 44 in
Overall weight 1433 lb

Working Parameters

BMC 500
Machine Equipement
Hydraulic system
Flexible tube

BMC 500

Machine Equipement Electric Predisposition, Hydraulic line
Hydraulic system Yes
Flexible tube Yes

Other Data for Attachments

BMC 500
Carriage type

BMC 500

Carriage type Manitou