Sweeper& Cleaner
Manitou High pressure cleaner

Manitou High pressure cleaner

Sweeper & Cleaner

  • Tank capacity of 600 l.
  • Hydraulic powered water pump.
  • Pressure regulation from 10 to 200 bars.
  • Manometer on standard.
  • Nozzle spray with a 40 m hose.
  • Powerful and efficient cleaning.
  • 45 min of autonomy at 200 bars.
  • Suitable for all types of cleaning applications and maintenances works.
  • Easy to hitch with a standard forks.
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VHPC 600
Heaped Capacity

VHPC 600

Heaped Capacity 159 US gal

Weight and dimensions

VHPC 600
Overall length
Overall height
Overall weight
Cable length

VHPC 600

Overall length 44 in
Overall height 60 in
Width 57 in
Overall weight 529 lb
Cable length 16 in

Working Parameters

VHPC 600
Machine Equipement

VHPC 600

Machine Equipement Hydraulic line, Return piping to hydraulic oil tank