Our handling solutions for the Environment field: industrial maintenance

Are you responsible for the industrial maintenance of a company operating in the environmental field? Are you looking for high-performance handling solutions to help you in your operations? As a privileged partner of the main players in the sector, Manitou offers you a wide range of trucks, machines and accessories to maintain your production equipment and avoid interrupting their operation.

Equipment adapted to all your industrial maintenance needs

Like all sectors of activity, companies and communities working for the environment are faced with productivity and profitability objectives. By ensuring the proper functioning of equipment and anticipating breakdowns, industrial maintenance operations meet precisely these objectives.

Manitou, the market leader in material handling solutions, facilitates the work of industrial maintenance technicians thanks to a diversified range of machines. These latest-generation machines help them optimize their company's production tools (waste or water treatment, cleaning sector, renewable energies, etc.).

The Manitou ranges are particularly well suited to the requirements of these operations. Among these machines, you will find aerial work platforms ideal for access to working areas at height, as well as rotary telescopic forklifts. These ergonomic machines allow you to carry out with precision all your maintenance, troubleshooting, checking, cleaning or repair operations.

With the MLT telescopic handlers, for example, you will be able to perform various maintenance tasks with ease. By installing the BRB accessory on the machine in a few minutes (sweeper-cleaner, compatible with all MLT models), sweep and collect in a single pass, even on uneven ground (up to 2500 m² cleaned in 10 minutes)! Models compatible with the VHPC high-pressure cleaner accessory can also clean tanks and various equipment.

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The advantages of Manitou's solutions for industrial maintenance

Manitou's versatile solutions make your daily maintenance work easier. They are world-renowned for their reliability and offer a number of advantages:

  • Driving and operating comfort
  • Off-road manoeuvrability
  • 360 degree panoramic visibility
  • Accuracy of movement and approach
  • High versatility
  • Stability
  • Optimum safety for operators
  • Adaptability (different options and several configuration levels)
  • Large lifting height
  • Speed of execution
  • Simplified intelligent maintenance (quick access to components)

The unrivalled performance of our machines makes them solutions favoured by the leading experts in industrial maintenance in the field of environment and sustainable development. Call our teams to find out more about our handling equipment and discover all our support services: maintenance, repair, replacement of original parts, after-sales service, warranty extension...You can contact our experts at any time wherever you are thanks to our presence in more than 120 countries.

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