Our handling solutions for Grains and seeds handling

Do you grow cereal grains? If so, you need particularly productive handling equipment that will save you time while preserving the quality of your crops. Manitou offers handling solutions to the most demanding grain farmers, whose priority is to work with high-performance machines in complete safety.

Performance above all

Loading and unloading bulk, storing, moving, cleaning... every day you have to carry out your grain handling activities. The materials you have to transport and handle on a daily basis require handling equipment such as telescopic handlers, forklifts and other materials handling equipment. high-capacity buckets or accessories to move big bags.

The purpose of equipment such as agricultural telescopic handlersagricultural articulated loaders, or buckets, is to contribute to your efficiency and productivity, while responding precisely to all your professional needs.


To work serenely on your farm - to transport and store cereals; your handling equipment must be powerful, robust, efficient, easy to handle, safe and comfortable.


This involves, among other things, the following:

  • 360° view of the lifted / transported loads
  • Power and reliability without fault, to ensure the continuity of your handling operations
  • Ease of handling and use: easy access to the controls, quick and safe accessory changes
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« I'm making beets and cereal. For loading-unloading, maneuverability is essential. And you have to be able to go everywhere to get to every nook and cranny. With my telescopic handler, I can easily maneuver in the stall, which is not the case for my tractor. »
Nicolas D.
Breeder and grain farmer

Solutions tailored to the requirements of your business

In order to allow you to fully dedicate yourself to your agricultural production activity, Manitou has designed a range of solutions perfectly adapted to your requirements, from MLA and MLA-T articulated loaders to MLT telescopic handlers.

These agricultural loaders and telehandlers are equipped with all the qualities and features needed to handle your cereal crops.

The high throughput of these machines makes it easy to load grain. The four steering modes ensure maneuverability on all types of terrain, even in hard-to-reach or cramped spaces. Exclusive intelligent hydraulic features developed by Manitou; Quick lift, Bucket shaker and Return to load, make lifting operations even faster.

Driving comfort and ergonomics are also among our priorities: easy access, quiet cab, clear view of loads wherever they are... we think above all about your safety.

Finally, regular maintenance of your machine is simplified thanks to a wide-opening hood and a blower system that eliminates dust and hay residue that can damage the engine.

Over the years, we have developed and upgraded our grain handling solutions to contribute to your profitability. Manitou is present at all stages of your machine's life, providing you with all the advice and services you may need to optimize your equipment's use and maintenance.

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