Our material handling solutions for Tunnel construction

For more than 10 years, Manitou has been putting its great expertise at the service of tunneling. The specifics of tunneling require very robust, shock-resistant machines, capable of working in dust-laden atmospheres and extreme conditions.

Manitou's range of solutions meet your needs for managing logistics, platforms, construction, and infrastructure installation (segment installation, reinforcement, and ventilation). Optimize your fleet of machines with our versatile and all-terrain equipment, while respecting your safety requirements. Our experience in this sector enables us to offer handling solutions perfectly adapted to tunnel construction.

Machines adapted to the requirements for tunneling

Tunneling is an application which involves a number of day-to-day constraints.
As tunneling professionals, you have to operate every day in difficult conditions (dusty environment, high temperatures, gas), sometimes extreme, in confined environments. To enable you to work in complete safety and with a high degree of comfort, we have developed off-road solutions that meet all your needs, both in the field of underground and surface handling.

Surface handling

Manitou offers a wide choice of versatile machines for your surface tunneling operations. Our rough-terrain masted forklifts (MC) and our telescopic handlers (MT, MRT, MHT) adapt to all your requirements in managing logistics, platforms, construction and infrastructure installation (segment installation, reinforcement, ventilation).

More specifically, forklift trucks are indispensable allies for handling materials (heavy loads, hangers, pallets, suspended loads); construction telescopic handlers (fixed or rotating) offer load capacities from 2.5 to 33 tons capable of handling and moving your metal structures, cable drums, tanks or prefabricated concrete structures at your convenience...

Underground handling

Tunnel construction involves regular underground operations. Here again, the performance of our machines meets the needs of this work, both in terms of safety and efficiency:
- Total maintenance of loads
- Access to the narrowest areas
- Panoramic vision
- Securing the working environment (purging, leveling, drainage, ventilation, lighting)
- High precision of movement
- Possibility to use several machines at the same time
- Use of the machines in extreme, moisture-saturated conditions

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Versatile, all-terrain machine solutions for tunnel construction

Manitou machines are highly versatile thanks to a wide range of compatible and easily interchangeable accessories. Our swiveling tunnel platforms and rib handling clamps secure arches and position roof bolts. Multiple buckets are available for loading and leveling roads (railways and motorways), and forks to handle heavy loads, pallets, and containers...The possibilities are endless! The versatility of our machines helps you to reduce your investments and operating costs while meeting all safety requirements.

Advantages of our handling equipment for tunnel construction

  • Off-road equipment adapted to all the constraints of site preparation, assembly, securing and optimization of handling phases
  • Versatile machines for all types of tunneling work (excavation, support, construction and renovation of underground galleries, manual or mechanical digging, construction of galleries, shafts, tunnels, earthworks on public works sites, treatment of rubble, manufacture and assembly of support frames, etc.)
  • Easy to handle, robust and shock-resistant industrial trucks
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The Manitou teams also offer a range of services designed to support you as closely as possible in your work and facilitate the use of our machines: delivery of spare parts to the site, maintenance (repair of your forklifts, telescopic handlers and loaders or replacement as soon as possible), training, advice.

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