Our range of TMT Truck-Mounted Forklifts

The TMT range of truck-mounted trucks are nowadays references on the handling machine market. Allowing to work in complete autonomy and to serve the customers until the last meter, these powerful machines bring an additional service to the carrier.


Truck-Mounted material handling reference for transporters

The TMT range (Truck-Mounted forklifts with Telescopic) offers 5 models of truck-mounted forklifts (from 2500 to 2700 kg). Designed by the Manitou expertise center in Beaupréau (49), they meet the precise needs of transporters, but also certain problems in the construction and agricultural sectors (depending on the model and options chosen).

The TMT trucks are equipped with a telescopic boom and can be easily positioned at the rear of your carriers or trailers. The boom moves sideways by 135 mm, which allows for versatility of tasks (no attachments to be added) and unloading can be done from a single-side.

The TMT line of truck-mounted forklifts has a lifting capacity that is unique on the market - fast and efficient handling up to 2.7 tons. In less than a minute, TMT's are ready to load/unload all types of loads. These features make them particularly efficient machines for ensuring your deliveries and optimizing your logistics. This way, you serve your customers better and significantly improve your productivity.

The TMT truck mounted forklift can be adapted for the industrial sector (version I), off-road with stabilizers (version S) or operations related to the operation of a livestock farm (Poultry version P). There is also a TMT in a 4-way version (side-drive) for easier access with long cargo through tight spaces. Different kits are available to attach the machine to the truck (drawer, chains...).

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Advantages of TMT telescopic forklift trucks

TMT trucks are the most efficient on-board material handling solutions on the market. Their performance makes them indispensable stand-alone machines for logistics, transporters and industry professionals.

Key advantages of the Manitou truck mounted telescopic forklifts:

  • Easy access to the driver's cab thanks to a large non-slip step and large handles on the left side (front and rear).
  • Operating comfort - backrest inclination and weight adjustment, triple action on the central lever, two levers in I and P version, 3 levers in S version, load chart on the right side of the station, on-board computer, switches (parking brake, work lights, hazard warning lights)
  • Better market visibility (360 degree panoramic vision)
  • Lifting height up to 3.45 m
  • Optimum safety guaranteed by several systems (Inching pedal, stability indicator, control buttons, seat belts, protective grid on the boom side, 3 braked wheels)
  • Simplified maintenance and servicing.

Do you want to invest in a TMT forklift? Manitou's teams can assist you at every stage of your project through several personalized services, including customized financing solutions. The Manitou dealer network is present throughout the world in 140 countries. Take advantage of our expertise to find handling equipment that meets all your requirements.

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