Our range of Extension Jib

Because being efficient on your construction sites requires not only lifting height but also offset, Manitou offers a range of extension jibs with a horizontal offset gain of up to 4m. This makes the installation of your trusses and structural elements more efficient.

Extension jib

The use of a telescopic handler is a factor of efficiency on the construction site. This explains the popularity of Manitou telescopic handlers.

However, certain job site configurations can be problematic when working with suspended loads: need for more offset when the machine is already "at arm's length", need for a perfectly horizontal offset, need to place a suspended load through a door opening, etc. An extension jib offers a simple and efficient solution.

Simple and solid

Manitou extension jibs are made of a light but very strong tubular structure. No hydraulics or electronics, just a load-bearing structure and a self-locking swivel-mounted hook. The essentials are there! And, as these jib have been made by Manitou for a long time, and are also the basis of the popular "PT" jib cranes, there is no doubt about their durability: they have been tried and tested on construction sites all over the world!

From offset to resale

Do you need offset? You will get it! With an offset varying from 2.34 m to 3.80 m depending on the model, and a capacity of 600 to 2000 kg, the precise placement of suspended loads in offset becomes easy. No need to worry about the machine's telescopic arm coming into contact with the building structure: only the jib comes close! What's more, the extension jibs are narrow: they weave between the structural elements, carrying the load in the exact place where it is expected.

Uncompromising safety

Suspended loads are not "like any other" loads: they are subject to balance movements during transport and put a heavy strain on the accessories that carry them. Manitou therefore takes particular care in their design, carrying out static and dynamic tests to ensure faultless safety. And like all Manitou accessories, they benefit from a validation of each machine/accessory couple, ensuring the user's safety and peace of mind.

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Manitou extension jibs are recommended for the following applications:

- Timber framing: handling and placement of trusses, purlins and other structural elements

- Steel structure: handling of beams and other pre-assembled elements constituting the framework

- Maintenance of industrial installations: handling of various parts and for all applications requiring improved horizontal offset.