Market Industries

Manitou is the preferred partner of manufacturers in many parts of the world.
Thanks to our unrivaled expertise in material handling, we rigorously equip professionals in all sectors of industries: railways, mining and quarries, environment, oil and gas, logistics and transportation, defense, ports, airports, warehousing, the wood industries, agri-food, and more.

Our handling solutions specially designed for industrial companies

Our forklifts, aerial work platforms and their attachments facilitate the daily work in industrial workplaces and contribute to improving productivity by offering versatile handling solutions with the right maneuverability. The unique characteristics of our machines make them an essential piece of equipment for all industrial companies.

Manitou handling solutions have been specially designed to meet the needs of industries professionals. At the cutting edge of innovation, they help you carry out your various operations in optimal conditions of efficiency and safety.

Our offer is divided into several ranges of trucks and warehousing equipment. You will find different models for warehousing - pallet trucks, stackers, retractable or articulated masted forklift trucks, loaders and order pickers - and industrial activities of all types - industrial aerial platforms, electric and internal combustion forklift trucks. We also offer ranges of off-road forklifts, articulated aerial work platforms and truck-mounted forklifts allowing you to work in total autonomy with comfort and precision.

Manitou machines have the advantage of being versatile and can be completed with several easily interchangeable accessories and various options. Their high performance allows you to obtain a tailor-made handling solution whatever your industrial sector - printing, port and airport activities, mining and quarrying, wood industries, events, food processing, and oil / gas.

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