Manitou Bale Clamp Intensive

Manitou Bale Clamp Intensive


  • Rounded forged 2x4 teeth.
  • Synchronized closure.
  • Impressive lifting capacity of 1800 kg.
  • Handles 1 or 2 round bales: 1.80 m maximum.
  • Handles 2 rectangular bale: 1.2 m high.
  • Handles 3 rectangular bales: 0.8 m high each.
  • Optional: 2 lower tines 680 mm Ø 35 mm ref. 790521 - spare parts kit.
  • Easy and clean handling.
  • Time-saver and competitive attachment.
  • Handles 2 round bales or 3 rectangular bales at the same time.
  • Perfect stability while handling square bales with optional lower tines.
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Lower Tines P2BG 2x4
Overall weight

Lower Tines

Overall weight 77 lb

P2BG 2x4

Overall weight 624 lb

Weight and dimensions

Lower Tines P2BG 2x4
Overall length
Overall height
Arm length
Cable loop

Lower Tines

Overall length 27 in
Diameter 1 in

P2BG 2x4

Overall length 41 in
Overall height 70 in
Width 43 in
Arm length 24 in
Cable loop 1

Working Parameters

Lower Tines P2BG 2x4
Teeth / Fingers
Machine Equipment
Opening minimum
Opening maximum

Lower Tines

Teeth 2

P2BG 2x4

Machine Equipment Hydraulic line
Teeth / Fingers 2 / 4
Opening minimum 6 in
Opening maximum 70 in


P2BG 2x4

P2BG 2x4

Capacity 3968 lb