Our handling solutions for Poultry farming

Find equipment handling solutions adapted to your poultry farm thanks to Manitou. Whether you need to maintain, clean your chicken houses or load/unload trucks, our machines are able to meet your exact requirements. Take advantage of Manitou's proven performance to optimize the management of your farm!

Ideal handling machines for poultry farming

Manitou has several ranges dedicated to the applications applied to the operation of a poultry farm. Among them, you will find different models of agricultural telescopic telehandlers (MLT), from articulated loaders (MLA) and truck-mounted forklifts (TMM/TMT) - ranges also available in ultra-compact versions.

These machines have all the technical features to meet your expectations. With their all-terrain design, they can easily operate on all types of ground, including muddy and uneven ground, while their versatility allows you to perform all your operations with a single machine:
- Precise movement of poultry crates without stressing the animals
- Cleaning / mulching the chicken house
- Bale handling
- Loading of trucks

To enable the machines to be multi-functional, Manitou teams have equipped the telescopic forklifts and loaders with an attachment carrier. In just a few moments, you can change the function of your machine by replacing its accessory (tilting fork carriage, floating fork carriage, fork extension, agricultural bucket, manure fork, sweeper-cleaner, high-pressure cleaner). In no time at all, you get a solution that precisely meets your needs! The compact models are particularly suitable for working in confined, congested or cramped areas.

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The advantages of Manitou machines for poultry farmers

Telescopic handlers, truck-mounted forklifts and articulated loaders are able to support you on a daily basis in the handling, cleaning, feeding, storage and maintenance operations related to the operation of your poultry houses and farms. Opt for the range best suited to your business requirements and applications! All our machines are then configurable to the conditions you need.

While each range has its own characteristics, the Manitou range of solutions offers a number of advantages for breeders:

  • Ease and comfort of use (excellent visibility to the surrounding area and to view transported loads from the cab)
  • Great versatility
  • Off-road driving
  • Enhanced safety
  • Ergonomic, spacious and comfortable operator's station
  • Large lifting height (different heights depending on the range)
  • Robustness and resistance
  • Easy maintenance
  • Connected machine
  • Adaptation to dusty environments

Would you like to be assisted in choosing a handling solution adapted to your activity as a poultry farmer? Manitou teams are at your disposal at any time. Our network of dealers and technicians are available to respond to your various business problems as quickly as possible: tailor-made financing solutions, maintenance, repairs, replacement of original parts, extended warranty, etc.

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