Our ranges of Compact Loaders

Manitou offers you two main ranges of compact loaders: skid loaders and track loaders. Dedicated to construction and/or agriculture segments, these all-terrain machines offer versatility and unrivaled performance on the market.


manitou.com Skid steer loader 2300 V field
Ultra-compact machines to meet all your requirements
Manitou compact loaders make it easy to operate in tight or confined work areas combining the ease of use, maneuverability, power and versatility. Whether you prefer skid or track loaders, our machines allow you to carry out all your tasks in complete safety: transporting pieces of wood or tubes, loading bulk (gravel, sand, grain, mineral supplements, manure), feeding and silage, drilling, raking, digging, digging below ground level...

Performance from the Manitou experience

Manitou has specialized in the design of loaders and forklifts for several decades. This extensive experience has enabled us to design the latest generation of machines, precisely meeting the requirements of professionals in terms of excavation and handling.

With Manitou compact loaders, you can easily travel on all types of ground (muddy, uneven, uneven). Their compactness allows you to work in congested areas and the most cramped work zones. Whatever the model, our machines provide ideal lifting heights for loading, transporting and stacking your materials at high heights.

Our compact loaders have the advantage of being versatile. Compatible with a wide range of attachments (connected in a few seconds), they provide you with a solution for each of your business problems without you needing to invest in another machine. Take advantage of their performance to improve your productivity and reduce your investment costs.

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