TruckMounted Forklifts

Manitou TMT 55 HT 4W

Truck Mounted Forklifts

37 kW
135.039 in
5512 lbs
The TMT 55 HT 4W heavy-traction truck-mounted forklift designed for single-side loading and unloading of lorries and making customer deliveries even when ground conditions aren't as smooth as they could be, or when a loading/unloading bay is not available. It's incredibly useful in the construction sector for materials delivery with its increased robustness and reduced payload. Built to last, the controls are incredibly easy to grasp and upkeep has been simplifed as well. With offset and lateral movement modes, it can load and unload lorries from a single side with no problems. This is particularly useful when lorries are parked alongside a wall, on the side of the road or if you have to navigate a narrow path.
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Machine on tyres with forks Metric
Machine on tyres with forks Metric
Machine on stabilizers with forks Imperial
Machine on stabilizers with forks Imperial
Machine on stabilizers with forks Metric
Machine on stabilizers with forks Metric
Machine on tyres with forks Imperial
Machine on tyres with forks Imperial

Technical characteristics



Model Name

TMT 55 HT 4W

Reach out equipment

Telescopic boom

Power source


Operator type


Max. capacity

5512 lbs


Service weight

6356 lbs


Dimensions of front wheels

31 x 10 - 16,5"

Dimensions of rear wheels


Number of front wheels / rear wheels

2 / 1

Drive wheels (front / rear)

2 / 1


Max. lifting height

135.039 in

Height telescopic boom extended

154.134 in

Length to face of forks

9 ft 7 in

Overall width

8 ft 5 in

Forks section / width / length

1.732 in x 4.016 in / 47.992 in

Max. Reach

51.575 in

Turning radius

102.756 in


Travel speed (laden)

6.8 mph

Service brake


Transmission type



Engine brand / norm

Kubota - Tier IV Final

Capacity of cylinders

148.53 in³

Rated speed

2700 rpm

Engine power according to ISO 1585

37 kW


Working hydraulic pressure for attachments

17 PSI

Oil flow rate for attachments

46 l/min