Our range of ultra-compact ULM telescopic handlers

The Manitou ULM Range: Ultra Light, Compact & Powerful

For the toughest jobs on the tieghest sites. The ULM (Ultra Light Manitou) is ideal for a mason, farmer, landscaper, or rental fleet in need of a telescopic handler that's easily transportable and fits into tight spaces.

Key Features of the ULM Telescopic Handler Range

The ULM 412 H and ULM 415 H telescopic handlers are ultra-compact and can be conveniently transported on a small trailer, with a base weight up-to 5,952 lbs. (2700 kg). These machines are equipped with a 35 horsepower engine, capable of lifting loads ranging from 2,200 lbs. to 2,650 lbs. (1000 to 1200 kg) to a height of 14 ft 1in (4.30 m). With dimensions of less than 5 ft in width and a height of 6 ft 4 in, they can easily navigate between hedges, landscapes, or even pass through a double door. Their 11-inch ground clearance is perfect for overcoming various obstacles.

These compact telehandlers are suitable for a wide range of applications in agriculture, urban construction sites, community parks, gardens, cattle breeding, equestrian centers, nurseries, landscaping, event companies, handling equipment rental firms, and local authorities. They are your dependable allies for everyday operations, regardless of the tasks at hand.

The ULM machines can be equipped with more than 20 attachments, facilitating a wide range of handling capabilities. The ULM can adapt with three optional connection systems: Standard 4-point carriage, Euro carriage, and Skid-steer adapter plate for more versatility to ultize compact loader attachments on hand. Key attachments include;

  • CAF: Floating Fork Carriage – Ideal for handling palletized loads, these forks fold for safe transport.
  • BGP: All-Purpose Bucket – Designed for construction tasks, this bucket is perfect for moving bulk materials.
  • CLBR: Bale Clamp – An essential accessory for farmers, allowing quick handling of hay bales.
  • Skid Loader Attachments - Versatile solution to switch out attachments for multiple machines.
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The advantages of our ultra-compact carts

Despite their small size, ULM machines still offer the comfort and performance that Manitou is known for. They prioritize simplicity, ease of maintenance, profitability and lower TCO to optimize your operations. Every aspect of the ULM range is meticulously designed to deliver superior performance for your daily tasks:

  • Enhanced Safety: The roof grill is replaced with an impact-resistant polycarbonate window, ensuring exceptional visibility even when lifting loads to upper positions while still meeting FOPS standards.
  • Designed for Profitability: ULM machines feature an anti-emulsion filter, reducing hydraulic tank capacity by 25% compared to standard tanks, balancing machine weight and lowering operational costs.
  • Electronic compensation replaces hydraulic compensation, reducing oil consumption, machine weight, and width.
  • Operator Comfort: The Switch and Move Joystick (JSM), positioned on a floating armrest, allows comfortable control of your machine with one hand, enhancing safety and reducing fatigue.
  • Connected Machines: ULM telescopic handlers are connected solutions, providing you with information and alerts on your PC, tablet, and smartphone for maintenance control, timely maintenance operations, reduced downtime, and performance monitoring.

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