Our Ranges of Rotating Telehandlers


The Manitou stands as the pioneer with 30 years developing the MRT Rotating Telescopic Handler, now one of the most widely adopted industrial telehandlers in the construction sector. This technological marvel is a game-changer, offering invaluable support to professionals across various fields, including masonry, roofing, structural work, demolition, siding, new residential construction, renovation, and tunneling.

The MRT redefines performance standards, optimizing your daily operations involving loading/unloading, transporting, and distributing loads on a diverse range of worksites and even on the most challenging terrains. Manitou knows safety and comfort are paramount, and the MRT telehandlers ensure optimal working conditions on any jobsite. We offer a range of MRT models to cater to your specific needs.

Exploring the MRT Range: Technological Equipment Pioneers

MRT Rotary Telescopic Handlers have evolved over time to adapt to the changing construction industry and emerging challenges.

Today, Manitou presents two primary ranges of Rotating Telehandlers: MRT Vision and MRT Vision+. These all-terrain machines are engineered to swiftly adapt to diverse construction scenarios. Their versatility shines as they can operate on stabilizers or tires and serve as a 3-in-1 machine offering telescopic, platform, and suspended load lifting functionalities.

Rotating telehandlers redefine your daily tasks through user safety, efficiency, and productivity with unmatched performance in the material handling market. Key benefits include:

  • Structural Innovation: Offering an exceptional 360° visibility from the cabin, enabling full environmental awareness.
  • High Versatility: 3-in-1 machine, multiple applications, ensuring versatility.
  • Heavy Load Handling: Capable of moving/lifting heavy and bulky loads without relocating the machine.
  • Precision: Perfect maneuverability, thanks to three steering modes (2 wheel/4 wheel/crab steering modes).
  • E-Reco Attachment Recognition System:
  • Applies accurate load charts with the engaged Machine Attachment User-Friendly: Great ease of use, ensuring seamless operation.

In Need of Guidance? Contact Manitou Experts If you require assistance in choosing the ideal machine for your job sites, don't hesitate to reach out to our Manitou experts. We're here to guide you towards the perfect solution that aligns with your unique requirements.

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