Our ranges of Buckets

Manitou has various ranges of buckets designed to provide optimum machine productivity.
Choosing the right bucket for the machine and application is crucial, it reduces loading/unloading time and ensures that your equipment ages well.

The multi purpose grapple bucket
Designed for our telehandlers and agricultural loaders, this accessory is a must have. From handling cereals to cutting silage, including cleaning and handling bales, it allows tasks to be varied without changing attachments. This range is available in two versions depending on your needs: - Mechanically welded grapple - Forged fingers grapple
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Manitou designs and certifies its range of buckets.

Depending on the uses, the types of loads handled and their density, Manitou offers suitable solutions.

Attachments for construction:

  • Our 4 in 1 buckets for various loading, unloading, leveling, backfilling activities
  • Our recovery buckets for bulk loading
  • Our construction buckets for digging, recovery or rubble activities
  • Our concrete mixer buckets for intensive concrete and mortar work

Attachments for agriculture:

  • Our agricultural buckets and large capacity agricultural buckets for handling grain or animal feed
  • Our shear buckets or our silage facing buckets for cutting silage and feeding livestock
  • Our multi-purpose grapple buckets for various agricultural applications with just one attachment

Attachments for environment:

  • Our reinforced environment buckets for intensive use in bulk handling
  • Our multi-function environmental grapple buckets for waste management
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