Our handling solutions for Nurseries

Manitou offers several ranges of machines adapted to the daily work of nurseries. These versatile handling solutions simplify the life of nursery operations by accompanying performance in all tasks: handling pallets and potted trees, moving stock...Find the right equipment that meets your requirements, whether you are a young plant producer or a nursery-breeder!

Compact machines ideal for use in your nurseries

As a nursery worker, you produce a wide variety of plants all year round, and these operations require specific handling equipment that can help preserve your production, which is often fragile and delicate.

Knowing the difficulties specific to your business, Manitou has developed machines that meet your needs. Whether you are a small producer / horticulturist or you manage a large area nursery, our handling equipment facilitates your operations with optimal safety of use.

Several Manitou ranges have ideal features to manage your nurseries : agricultural telescopic handlers (MLT), articulated loaders (MLA-T), semi-industrial forklifts (MSI), and compact forklifts (MC). These machines are also available in ultra-compact versions, a great help to get around your hedges, shrubs and crops while working efficiently.

The different Manitou ranges allow you to find a solution perfectly adapted to your activity. Thanks to their versatility, our machines give you the opportunity to carry out all your tasks with a single piece of equipment. All you have to do is change accessories in a few moments (tilting fork carriage, floating fork carriage, pot clamp, big bag handler, agricultural bucket, sweeper-gatherer...)!

Combining technicality, performance, robustness and versatility, our material handling equipment helps you improve your productivity and reduce your investment costs. Carry out all your operations quickly with more performance for handling pallets and pots, material transport, loading/unloading of trucks, moving big bags...

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Why use Manitou machines for your nursery?

The exceptional characteristics of Manitou machines make them a must for many nurseries around the world, whatever the size of the site:

  • Rough-terrain machines capable of operating on all types of soil, including muddy and uneven ground
  • Ease and comfort of use (ergonomic driving position, intuitive control...)
  • High precision of movement
  • Precise maneuverability for equipment movement in cramped work areas (2 or 4-wheel steering mode, crab mode)
  • Versatility
  • Optimal safety for operators
  • Simplified maintenance

Looking for the right machine for your next project? Manitou's teams can help you in the choice of handling solutions most suitable for your nurseries. Our extensive dealer network also allows you to benefit from several services throughout the life of your loaders, telehandlers or forklifts. Take advantage of this to optimize the use of your equipment!

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