Our ranges of Aerial work platforms

Manitou designs a wide selection of aerial work platforms for industrial and construction professionals. Whether a need for all-terrain or industrial, our high-performance aerial work platforms are capable of transporting one or more operators, depending on the model, in optimal conditions of comfort and safety.
Manitou aerial work platforms are available in a wide variety of versions with vertical, articulated and telescopic boom structures. Offering different platform working heights, from 32 to 85 feet (9 to 26 meters), this range meets all the requirements of your rental company and MEWP operators.

Electric and diesel MEWPS for industry and construction

Two main categories of Manitou aerial work platforms are now offered to professionals:

Industrial aerial work platforms and all-terrain ranges. Offering different functionalities, these aerial solutions are indispensable tools for contractors and rental companies who wish to obtain safe, comfortable, ergonomic, and efficient  equipment capable of adapting to all site constraints.

The range of industrial aerial work platforms offers compact models that can easily move in congested worksites. The models are available in articulated (AETJ) or vertical (VJR) structures and different heights depending on the model, from 32 to 49 feet (9 to 15 meters).

The range of all-terrain aerial platforms offers articulated (MAN'GO, ATJ, ATJ+) and telescopic (TJ, TJ+) models with working heights between 32 and 85 feet (9 and 25 meters). These models are particularly suitable for off-road handling conditions. Take advantage of their performance to improve your productivity. We can design customized industrial aerial work platforms for the aeronautics and defense sector, customized rough-terrain work platforms for the railway, military/aeronautics and mining/refinery sectors.

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