Our ranges of Forklift trucks

Manitou offers several ranges of forklifts for industrial, construction and agricultural trades. Easy to use, efficient and versatile, they allow you to handle your loads with precision and safety. The diversity of our ranges today meets all the needs of professionals in the 3 markets (industry, construction and agriculture), whatever the job constraints and the situation on the ground - ranges of forklift trucks are moreover specially designed for off-road work.
Improve your productivity and save time in intervention by using a Manitou forklift truck. Our material handling solutions are your indispensable tools.

Forklift trucks to meet all your material handling needs


Manitou is the inventor of the 1st all-terrain forklift truck. This great experience allows us to offer the most efficient forklift trucks on the material handling market. Our various ranges meet the requirements of industrialists in all sectors, but also professionals in agriculture and construction.

Manitou now offers you a wide range of ranges: all-terrain forklift trucks (MC, M); electric (ME), internal combustion (MI) and hydrostatic transmission (MSI) forklift trucks particularly adapted to logistics work.
Thanks to these handling solutions, you can load/unload and/or lift loads efficiently and quickly outdoors and/or indoors, depending on the model, in optimal conditions of comfort and safety. Manitou teams can help you at any time to choose a forklift truck model adapted to your activity.

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