Our ranges of Forks and grapples

As part of your farming activities, you are likely to have to transport compact and heavy loads repeatedly.

These operations require the right equipment to be carried out safely and in a timely manner. This is why we have designed a versatile range of forks and grapples.

These are easy-to-use attachments designed to help you improve your productivity.

Did you know that?

Our experience allows us to understand and meet the needs of the agricultural industry by offering proven, durable and safe accessories. We also know that you have unique needs, which is why our products are modular and versatile. Finally, our well-designed forks and grapples make maintenance simple, ensuring a longer life for your equipment.
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Our forks and grapples

Our square bale forks (FB) are suitable for transporting bales. Equipped with four tines, our forks can handle four bales simultaneously. They are equipped with tines that can be folded easily without tools. This way, our machines can travel on the road in complete safety.

For your work on the farm, we offer you manure grapple forks (FFGR). With its wide opening angle and strong structure, the manure fork can transport bales or manure piles in all circumstances. For larger handling needs, you will also find the Manure Fork Grapple (FMG). Although larger, this fork has been designed so that the driver retains optimum visibility of his load at all times during transport.

Finally, for your silage operations, you will find our silage silage silage desiccators. With this accessory, you can easily make quick and clean cuts of all types of silage.

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