Reduce program

As a world reference in material handling, our mission is to improve working conditions, safety and performance around the world, while protecting people and the environment. A TCO-based thinking is a powerful approach to REDUCE costs working on three main drivers.

In a world where material handling professionals need to optimise every cost and are thinking more in terms of usage than possession, TCO calculation has become all-important. With this in mind, Manitou developed a TCO calculator to help you properly assess the real cost of your existing and future solution, considering the direct and indirect costs of running a machine over its lifetime.
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#2 Reduce Fuel
Provides you with completely transparent information on the energy consumption and CO2 emissions of your equipment and helps you influence your environmental impact aiming for a more sustainable industry.
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#3 Reduce Risks
Whether in a factory, on a farm or on a construction site, the main priority remains safe user conditions. To aim for zero accident, raise your knowledge on how to operate your equipment safely and protect the environment around you.
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Getting to know your machine

Thanks to our online solution:
- find out the fixed and variable costs associated with use of your machine
- customise your cycle to your activity and estimate your consumption, CO2 emissions and the financial gain achieved
- get access to videos, instruction manuals, and quick reference guides 

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