Reduce Program

Because 500,000 people use our machines every day, the REDUCE approach aims to improve the quality of life for the users of our machines, for increased productivity and better environmental protection. To achieve this objective, 3 programmes have been developed.

Reduce TCO
Gives you detailed information about the breakdown of cost items and helps you to optimise the profitability of your production tool.
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Reduce Fuel
Provides you with completely transparent information on the fuel consumption and CO2 emissions of the machines associated with your activity and helps you to reduce the impact of your machine.
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Reduce Risks
Raises your awareness of safe machine operation.It also aims to guide you in your choice of equipment & services for different working environments for better consideration of health and safety.
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Getting to know your machine

Thanks to our online solution:
- find out the fixed and variable costs associated with use of your machine
- customise your cycle to your activity and estimate your consumption, CO2 emissions and the financial gain achieved
- get access to videos, instruction manuals, and quick reference guides 

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