Manitou's training offer

Manitou Group University (MGU) offers technical and sales training courses for its network of authorized dealers. These courses are designed to help Manitou technicians and salespeople develop their skills through innovative and creative learning methods, both face-to-face and virtual learning. More than 5,000 learners and trainees improve their know-how every year thanks to Manitou training courses.

An innovative range of technical training courses

Developing knowledge is essential during one's career to meet the changing needs of customers and to be able to adapt to changes. Aware of this issue, Manitou Group has specially developed a training offer for its machine users and technicians. The main foundation of these courses is based on 4 main areas of expertise: use, maintenance, diagnosis and repair of machines.

The Manitou training offer is aimed at all authorized dealers and key account customers around the world. The Manitou Group's Training Center has been ISO 9001 certified since June 2019.

With equivalency tests establishing each new technician’s base level, training courses can then be customized to increase both knowledge and skill levels.

To meet our customers’ needs, Manitou’s innovative training can be accessed in a number of different ways:

  • In our own training centers or at the customer’s premises
  • Via a Virtual Training Room
  • Via video tutorials on Manitou Group University (MGU)

Part of the training is accessible via e-learning tools (online training modules combining videos and tutorials). Combined with digital modules, technical documentation is used to support the content of the courses. To encourage the circulation of knowledge, Manitou Group University then offers technicians who have already been trained the opportunity to become referents in their respective dealerships.

What are the objectives of our training courses?

Manitou training courses have been set up for several purposes:

  • To optimise the maintenance, repair and servicing of Manitou handling solutions
  • To ensure that trainees around the world can support the latest, evolving technologies
  • To maintain the Manitou Academy as a centre of excellence
  • To help technicians pass on their knowledge within the network

The benefits of Manitou's training offers for technicians :

  • Enhanced and strengthened technical expertise
  • Speed of intervention and resolution
  • Customized training courses
  • Certification by Manitou Group
  • Digitalization of the training
  • Manitou Group University (MGU) platform (+220 tutorials for technicians and salespeople)

Would you like to follow a Manitou technical or commercial training course? Our partner dealers can inform you about the offers available near you. Get in touch with our professionals and look forward to upgrading your skill levels.

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