Our ranges of Construction Telehandler

Manitou Construction Telescopic Handlers meet today's construction industry demands.

Manitou Construction Telescopic Handlers are your ultimate solution for addressing the diverse needs of the modern construction industry. Engineered for all-terrain versatility, they efficiently support a wide range of loading/unloading and load transportation tasks, regardless of operating conditions or locations. These telehandlers are user-friendly, compact, versatile, ergonomic, and designed for long-lasting performance. They not only enhance your productivity but also simplify your daily operations.

High-Performance All-Terrain Handling Equipment

As pioneers of the first all-terrain forklift truck, Manitou boldly ventured into unexplored territories by introducing a line of construction telescopic handlers that set new performance standards. We offer fixed telehandlers with lift heights ranging from 14 ft to 57 ft (4 m to 18 m) with lifting capacities from 2,200 up to 73,000 lbs (1000 kg to 33000 kg).

Manitou has four distinctive lines of Construction Telehandlers. The MT and MHT series are dedicated to handling heavy and bulky loads. The ULM series is ideal for tasks demanding tight maneuverability and efficient transportation. Lastly, the MTA series represents our latest line of Construction Telehandlers, specifically designed for the North American market.

These next-generation machines have gained popularity among the most discerning construction professionals engaged in a wide array of activities, including masonry, siding, tunneling, roofing, new-residential construction, structural work, and renovation. Their exceptional performance makes them indispensable for optimizing operations such as movement/loading, lifting, load transportation, and personnel lifting while ensuring on-site safety precautions.


Key Features of Manitou Construction Telescopic Handlers:

  • Remarkable adaptability with interchangeable attachments
  • Various steering modes
  • Modular dashboard and easy-access cab
  • Exceptional maneuverability
  • Best-in-class TCO
  • Durable and robust design with increased shock resistance
  • Comfortable, ergonomic design with 360-degree visibility from the cab

Uncertain about which Manitou Construction Telehandler series suits your project? Feel free to reach out to us anytime, and our experts will assist you in selecting the perfect machine tailored to your requirements.

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