Special Market Mining

For more than 20 years, we have understood the industrial safety, productivity and service issues you face in mining: from mine construction to operations support and maintenance of infrastructure/equipment.

Specific handling solutions for mines and quarries

Working in mines, whether opencast or underground, involves many accident generating factors: noise, heat, dust, gas, confined spaces... It is therefore essential to adopt handling solutions specific to mining. Manitou can meet your requirements, including the most specific ones, with its range of dedicated tools. Manitou has a team dedicated to the design of handling equipment for the mining industry. We are constantly attentive to your concerns and needs, and we put all our expertise to work to offer you tailor-made solutions. Thanks to this virtuous collaboration, we develop innovations that are truly useful to you.

Manitou telescopic handlers, coming with factory-mounted mining specifications, are suitable for a variety of tasks in the mining industry for both open pit and underground mining. With the available attachments, including cylinder clamps, you can carry out maintenance on your excavators. You can thus reduce the downtime of your machines and improve your profitability.

Manitou's mining solutions are equipped with specialized equipment and accessories to make your daily work easier and safer: clamp pressure control, safety braking and steering system, stability and loading control, safety harnesses and chains, exhaust gas treatment, etc. The ergonomics, visibility and access of the machines are also optimized to guarantee your safety.

By choosing Manitou, you are opting for safe and reliable solutions, while remaining efficient and productive.

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