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Work safely on any type of ground with the MC range of all-terrain forklift trucks. Particularly compact, these models have been designed to perform intensive handling operations in extreme conditions. Their performance makes them reference machines for the most demanding professionals.


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MC machines were the first all-terrain forklifts designed by Manitou. Renowned for their robustness and their ability to switch from 2WD to 4WD makes these compact forklifts ideal for working on degraded and irregular soils.

Offering several types of tires (all-terrain, mixed, turf, low pressure), MC forklifts also allow you to work on stabilized soil, sand or grass. Mixed tires are also particularly suitable for moving from stabilized ground to all-terrain ground (and vice versa).

MC all-terrain forklifts offer 2/4 wheel drive steering  and several lifting heights depending on the model (up to 7 meters). Their turning radius meets the constraints of hard-to-access storage areas and narrow construction sites.

The all-terrain design of MC trucks and their many features make them suitable for all your applications - loading / unloading, transport / distribution of loads of different kinds. 

Use an MC forklift to optimize your various handling operations whatever your sector of activity: sawmill, automotive recycling, residential construction, mining, carpentry, events, arboriculture, nursery, market gardener, ports, orchard, masonry, truck loading / unloading ...

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« My main difficulty in choosing a machine is compactness. I move every day between very tight rows of my fruit trees, which forces me to find a machine as compact as it is all-terrain. With the MC 25-4, I found the perfect model! Very compact, with it I go everywhere even between the narrowest rows. A big advantage, without bad puns, which allows me to have a single machine and to work both in my orchard and in my storage room. »


Thanks to their all-terrain design and unprecedented performance, MC forklifts are essential handling equipment for a large number of professionals around the world. Built on over 60+ years of experience the Manitou Compact MC forklift range provides many advantages in the Construction, Rental and Agriculture markets:

  • Highest ground clearance on the market
  • Switchable from 2WD to 4WD
  • Versatile performance across diverse applications
  • Easy and secure access to the driving position
    (handle fixed to the front left upright of the driver's guard, non-slip step on both sides, large floor space) 
  • Ideal working comfort ensured by the ergonomic operator's station
  • A spacious cabin offering a 360-degree panoramic view
  • Available attachments - forks, tilting carriage, fork positioner, side-shift
  • Travel speeds up to 15 mph
  • Foolproof security
  • Engine power, tires and robustness designed for intensive use

Do you want to invest in an all-terrain handling solution adapted to your activity? Manitou teams can help you choose an MC forklift model capable of meeting your exact requirements. Contact us anytime! Manitou also offers many support services intended to facilitate your procedures and optimize your machines throughout their lifespan. 



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