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The Manitou MRT Vision Rotating Telehandler: Your Ultimate 3-in-1 Construction Partner


Drawing on Manitou's many years of rotating telehandler experience, the MRT Vision represents the latest generation of telehandlers, designed to offer unparalleled 3-in-1 performance for diverse markets.

Key Features of the MRT Vision Rotating Telescopic Handlers

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The MRT Vision is the ideal versatile machine for the construction market, boasting numerous advantages and innovations to cater to diverse handling needs. These machines offer working heights ranging from 59 to 81 ft (18 to 25 meters) and a working offset up to 64 ft (19.40 meters), elevating handling capabilities to new heights. The range accommodates maximum lift capacities of up to 9,900 lbs (4,500 kg) and features three steering modes: 2 or 4 wheel steering, and a crab mode for angled movements.

Designed with user comfort and safety in mind, the MRT Vision prioritizes ease of use, visibility, speed, and efficiency in daily operations. Equipped with intelligent features such as a joystick with a recognition system, sound indicators for overload or excessive slope, a touch screen display compatible with gloves, and the ability to handle loads remotely via a remote control. These machines offer enhanced accessibility from all four sides and feature a pressurized cabin. The 360° panoramic views ensure unparalleled visibility during load handling.

The MRT Vision machines also offer telematics, providing real-time tracking of each unit, access to machine data, and remote fleet management.
In addition, they provide unparalleled visibility, allowing you to handle loads with 360°panoramic views.

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MRT Vision: Telescopic Handlers Tailored to Your Handling Needs

Addressing the daily challenges of handling, lifting, and moving loads on construction sites, the MRT Vision proves to be a versatile solution that simplifies your work. The machines come with a variety of attachments tailored for specific applications, including platforms, floating fork carriages, pick-up buckets, two-hook jib, sweeper, and more. This adaptability enhances the machine's versatility and efficiency, making it suitable for tasks in masonry, siding, carpentry, demolition, renovation, tunneling, and other sectors.

Available for both rental and purchase through Manitou's dealer network, the MRT Vision machines offer a comprehensive package of associated services, including extended coverage, financing, and parts replacement. To explore the MRT Vision range, reach out to your dealer, who will provide expert advice and assistance tailored to your needs.

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