Our handling solutions for Winegrowers

As a winegrower, you are required to handle heavy or bulky loads as part of your daily activities. To combine performance and safety, discover the Manitou range of handling equipment and accessories specially adapted to winegrowing.

Handling solutions adapted to the needs of viticulture

Loading, unloading, dumping, stacking, moving... At Manitou, we know that your daily life as a winegrower is made up of demanding activities. We have developed a variety of solutions specially designed to help you with all your tasks, from harvesting to transporting.

We offer agricultural telescopic handlers, designed with a telescopic loader arm to easily reach the top of your tanks or to transport heavy loads at increased heights. Our machines are also suitable for handling multiple pallets.

Our range of machines consists of MLT agricultural telescopic handlers ultra compact to heavy-capacity, to MLA articulated loaders, and M, MC and MSI forklifts. Our different models are adapted to all types of situations:

- Carrying heavy and/or bulky loads,

- Driving in muddy and rough terrain,

- Driving on asphalt roads.

For your crops and agricultural products, choose our cereal buckets. With a capacity of 1,500 L to 3,000 L, you can load and unload large quantities of material. The sturdy design and ergonomics of these buckets allow for faster loading and unloading cycles.

Finally, you will also find a whole range of agricultural attachments that make it easier to grip and handle barrels, casks, crates, bag-in-boxes or wine cartons. At Manitou, we know that your products are precious and sometimes fragile. That's why we have designed a range of precise tools that give you the dexterity you need to handle your products with flexibility and efficiency.

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Why choose Manitou for wine growing equipment?

Wine-making activities include a large number of physical tasks that can be the cause of occupational diseases and MSDs (Musculoskeletal Disorders). Without the help of specific machines, manual handling presents a sometimes high risk of accidents. Why risk your health at work when machines can do the work for you? Our Manitou product range helps you work more carefully in all your activities, from harvesting to bottle loading.

In addition to helping you carry out your tasks in safer working conditions, our handling equipment allows you to be more efficient and improve your production rates. Our telescopic handlers are easy to operate and very maneuverable with an unobstructed view of the load you are handling. Thanks to their spacious, ergonomic and silent cab, you benefit from an ideal comfort that is conducive to concentration.

Manitou products have been designed by specialists in the field who know the constraints you face. By equipping yourself with Manitou products, you benefit from robust, adapted and reliable machines.

Thanks to our variety of handling solutions, Manitou makes your daily professional life easier and improves your business performance.

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