Manitou M 40-4

Forklift Trucks

Stage 3B
98.425 in
81.89 in
The M40-4 is an all-terrain 4-wheel drive forklift truck. Generous ground clearance and optimised dimensions provide excellent manoeuvrability and stability regardless of the terrain, even when handling longer loads. Performance in any given situation is enhanced by the wide range of tyres available, and it comes equipped with a 75 hp engine and a 4 tonne lifting capacity.Opening up the bonnet reveals full access to mechanical components for simplified maintenance. The masts, the end result of our expertise put into practice, have been designed to ensure robustness even under the most extreme conditions of use.
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Technical characteristics



Model Name

M 40-4

Power source


Operator type


Max. capacity

8818 lbs

Load centre of gravity

19.685 in

Load distance, centre of drive axle to fork

30.039 in


83.465 in


Service Weight

15355 lbs

Weight on front axle (laden) / rear axle (laden)

19864 lbs / 4310 lbs

Weight on front axle (Unladen) / rear axle (Unladen)

5787 lbs / 9568 lbs


Tyres type


Dimensions of front wheels

18-22.5 MPT06

Dimensions of rear wheels

340/80 R18 XMCL

Number of front wheels / rear wheels

2 / 2

Number of drive wheels


Front wheel gauge

63.78 in

Rear wheel gauge

68.504 in


Tilt of Mast Forward (deg) / Backward (deg)

15 / 15

Height of overhead guard (cabin)

98.425 in

Overall height of standard overhead guard

98.425 in

Seat height/stand height

58.268 in

Height of towing bar (coupling height)

29.921 in

Overall length

191.26 in

Length to face of forks

144.016 in

Overall width

81.89 in

Forks section / width / length

1.969 in x 5.906 in / 47.244 in

Fork carriage ISO 2328 (class/form) A/B


Fork carriage width

65.748 in

Ground clearance below mast

11.614 in

Ground clearance at centre of wheelbase

14.961 in

Aisle width for 1000 x 1200 pallet widthways

265.039 in

Aisle width for 800 x 1200 pallet lengthways

265.039 in

Turning radius

179.921 in

Internal turning radius (over tyres)

64.961 in


Travel speed (laden / unladen)

6.2 mph / 14.9 mph

Lifting speed (laden / unladen)

1.31 ft/s / 1.31 ft/s

Lowering speed (laden / unladen)

1.31 ft/s / 0.98 ft/s

Drawbar pull (Laden)

1020 daN

Service brake



Engine brand / model / norm

Perkins / 854F-E34T WF / Stage 3B

Engine power according to ISO 1585

55 kW

Rated speed

2200 rpm

Number of cylinders / Capacity of cylinders

4 - 207.48 in³

Fuel consumption according to VDI cycle

6.9 l/h


Working hydraulic pressure for attachments

14 PSI

Oil flow rate for attachments

97 l/min

Measured/guaranteed mean noise level at the ear of the operator

< 76 dB(A)