Manitou MC-X 25-4

Manitou MC-X 25-4

Forklift Trucks

Discover the performance of the MC-X 25-4 Manitou, the world's best-selling compact all-terrain forklift. Offering an excellent crossing capacity, this particularly compact model is the machine you need to handle heavy loads (up to 2500 kg), even in the most confined areas of your operation or construction site. Its buggy version and its free lift triplex mast allow an overall height of less than 2m to work in basements and containers. The MC-X trucks designed by Manitou have a large ground clearance, an oscillating rear axle and a mast directly attached to the chassis. Optimize your transport and loading operations whatever your environment!
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Technical characteristics



Model Name


Power source


Operator type


Max. capacity

5512 lb

Load centre of gravity

20 in

Load distance, centre of drive axle to fork

24 in


75 in


Service weight

8896 lb

Weight on front axle (laden) / rear axle (laden)

12236 lb / 2172 lb

Weight on front axle (Unladen) / rear axle (Unladen)

3472 lb / 5423 lb


Tyres type


Dimensions of front wheels

12,5/80-18/12 SL R4

Dimensions of rear wheels

27x10-12 SKS

Number of front wheels / rear wheels

2 / 2

Number of drive wheels


Front wheel gauge

46 in

Rear wheel gauge

46 in


Tilt of Mast Forward (deg) / Backward (deg)

10 / 12

Height of overhead guard (cabin) / Overall height of low overhead guard (Buggie version)

85 in / 78 in

Seat height/stand height

43 in

Overall length

165 in

Length to face of forks

120 in

Overall width

57 in

Forks section x width x length

2 in x 5 in / 45 in

Fork carriage ISO 2328 (class/form) A/B


Fork carriage width

50 in

Ground clearance below mast

12 in

Ground clearance at centre of wheelbase

1017 ft 1 in

Turning radius

11171 ft 3 in


Travel speed (laden / unladen)

7 mi/h / 15 mi/h

Lifting speed (laden / unladen)

2 ft/s / 2 ft/s

Lowering speed (laden / unladen)

2 ft/s / 0.98 ft/s

Service brake

Hydraulic brakes by loss of pressure


Engine brand / model

Kubota / V2403

Engine power according to ISO 1585

36 kW

Rated speed

2700 rpm

Number of cylinders / Capacity of cylinders

4 - 149 in³


Type of drive control


Working hydraulic pressure for attachments

2611 PSI

Oil flow rate for attachments

53 l/min