Manitou MI 20 G

Manitou MI 20 G

Forklift Trucks

The MI 20 G industrial front loader runs on gas with a maximum load capacity of 2 tonnes, and is suited to intensive use both indoors and outdoors. The innovative design will win its fair share of fans and it's easy to get up and running with the ergonomic controls.Accessibility is no problem with a large handle grip, anti-slip footstep and doors on both sides, whilst the driver's position has been designed with comfort in mind so long shifts are less exhausting. The cab is fully enclosed with an adjustable steering column, and visibility when performing manoeuvres has been optimised with the specially designed counterweight.
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Technical characteristics



Model Name

MI 20 G

Power source


Operator type


Max. capacity

4409 lb

Load centre of gravity

20 in

Load distance, centre of drive axle to fork

18 in


63 in


Service weight

7981 lb

Weight on front axle (laden) / rear axle (laden)

10869 lb / 1521 lb

Weight on front axle (Unladen) / rear axle (Unladen)

3792 lb / 4189 lb


Tyres type


Dimensions of front wheels

7.00-12 12

Dimensions of rear wheels

6.00-9 10

Number of front wheels / rear wheels

2 / 2

Number of drive wheels


Front wheel gauge

38 in

Rear wheel gauge

38 in


Tilt of Mast Forward (deg) / Backward (deg)

6 / 12

Height of towing bar (coupling height)

14 in

Overall length

142 in

Length to face of forks

97 in

Overall width

45 in

Overall width - Single wheels

45 in

Forks section / width / length

2 in x 5 in / 45 in

Fork carriage ISO 2328 (class/form) A/B


Fork carriage width

41 in

Ground clearance below mast

5 in

Ground clearance at centre of wheelbase

7 in

Aisle Width for pallets 1000 x 1200 crossways

152 in

Aisle width for 800 x 1200 pallet lengthways

13336 ft 7 in

Turning radius

87 in

Internal turning radius (over tyres)

6 in

Height of overhead guard (cabin)

83 in

Seat height/stand height

47 in


Travel speed (laden / unladen)

12 mi/h / 12 mi/h

Lifting speed (laden / unladen)

2 ft/s / 2 ft/s

Lowering speed (laden / unladen)

2 ft/s / 2 ft/s

Drawbar pull (Laden / Unladen)

1680 daN / 1040 daN

Gradeability (laden / unladen)

20 % / 20 %

Service brake



Engine brand / model

GCT (ex-Nissan) / K25

Engine power according to ISO 1585

35 kW

Rated speed

2400 rpm

Number of cylinders / Capacity of cylinders

4 - 152 in³


Working hydraulic pressure for attachments

2321 PSI

Oil flow rate for attachments

72 l/min

Measured/guaranteed mean noise level at the ear of the operator

< 80 dB

Sound level at the driver's ear according to DIN 12 053

80 dB